ABOUT björsjöås

Björsjöås is located in the middle of Vättlefjälls nature reserve – one of the largest nature areas in Gothenburg. Here there is a wilderness feeling in a hilly forest landscape with a rich wildlife and many layers of cultural history.
Sheep graze around the farm, the rooster crows in the hen house and two small Shetland ponies keep a curious eye on everything that happens in the yard.

The main house has a total16 beds, divided into 3 rooms. A larger room with space for 8 people (4 bunk beds), and two smaller ones with room for 4 people each (2 bunk beds each). There are also three smaller cottages with space for four people in each (2 bunkbeds). In addition, a wood-fired sauna and five picnic tables with brick-brick barbecue. Canoes can be rented all year round.

About 300 meters from the farm is the beautiful lake “stora Björsjön” and there you can find both a canoe pier and windbreak with a barbecue area – accessible to everyone.

The farm has been leased since October 2019 by Björsjöås Vildmark AB (svb). A limited company with a profit distribution limit, where the rules aim to ensure that the company’s profits mainly remain in the company.
Björsjöås Vildmark AB is a partnership between the non-profit association Bergum Gunnilse Utveckling (BGU), private benefactors and nature tourism entrepreneurs.


Björsjöås is one of the oldest farms in Vättlefjäll and has been classified as a cultural historical site of national interest. The farm has at least medieval origins. It is mentioned in the sources for the first time in 1388, and the oldest map of the area is from the middle of the 17th century. The old road that used to lead from Bohus to Bergum passes right outside the farm. There are many and obvious traces of human activity here; house foundations, cow streets, fossil fields, fences, quarries, peat extractions etc.

The last private user was named Ragnar Lindström. He lived on Björsjöås until the municipality of Gothenburg acquired the farm in the mid-1960s. After that, it has, among other things, been leased by the scouts and served as a resource for Angered’s school administration, until October 2019.

24 beds

Distributed between the house (three rooms with four and eight beds) and three cottages, we can offer accommodation for up to 28 people (high season). Spring / summer and early autumn there is also the opportunity for glamping in canvas tents and exciting floating treetents experiences.  

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Canoe rental

As long as the ice stays away from Björsjön, we rent out canoes. They can also be booked as part of a conference or experience package.

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