We are a company with limited payoff for the owners, where the rules aims to secure that the profit stays in the company.
Björsjöås Vildmark AB is a co-operation between the non-profit organization Bergum Gunnilse Utveckling (BGU), private persons and companies from the neighbourhood.

At 2019 the renovation of Björsjöås Gård started.
Windows and doors are replaced , the fire security are improved and the building is painted both indoors and utside.
The kitchen utensils are made up, the lounge and the glass veranda are furnished inspired by the era when the farm still were inhabited.
One of the top floor´s three barracks like rooms has been remodelled to twinbeds in the 40´s.
It is named to ”Ingeborg”, after Madam Engineer Lindström , the last inhabitant in the house.
The second room is namned ”Sundborn” after the famous home of the artist Carl Larsson.
This room has two singlebeds in the room and in the catwinds there are one singlebed in each.
The remaining room ”Salen” still has it´s Holiday Camp feeling with 4 bunk beds
The wood-fired Sauna is refurbished indoors and on the outside we have built  a new wooden terrace in front of the entrance and also a call water summer shower.

The Cabins are review and the utensils completed with a lot of new huosehold utensils.
The Farm Yard is drained and a no of Caravan-/tent-areas has been prepered.
We have invested in a no of canoes and life jackets, also a row boat has bought.

We work on continuously to improve Björsjöås Gård and it´s Facilities.


Active people running and developing the Björsjöås Wilderness

Alexandra Petifor
Anders Björklund (BGU:s representant)
Anita Narvik
Annika Jansson
Henrik Nyhlén
Håkan Benjaminsson
Jonny Åkesson
Kjell Ehrencrona
Lena Benjaminsson
Peter Carlsson
Tom Tveitan(BGU:s representant)
Yvonne Carlsson

Co-operation Partners

Pevon Ekoturism    Enjoy the Swedish nature!
Skogshotellet         Glamping
Hållbarhetsklivet   For a sustainable tourism industry in West Sweden
Västkuststiftelsen   Natue conservation and outdoor life in West Sweden
Biodlarna                All about Bees
Kroktorps Lantbruk The Animals in the farm land
Dansered                Horse experience