A couple of hundred meters from Björsjöås Vildmark, you will find the beuteful lake “Stora Björsjön”.
There is a lot of fish in it if you like to go and fishing.

We have a really nice boat “skorpan”, that you can rent, which is perfect for you who want to enjoy a moment of fishing.
The boat is large and spacious and can accommodate a maximum of 7 adults. Oars, scoops and life jackets are inkluded.

If you want us to fix coffee for you, you can choose to do so when booking.
Price: SEK 95 / adult, SEK 55 / child.

This means that we pack a backpack that contains;
coffee / tea in a thermos, drink, sandwich (cheese / ham, vegetables), cake for the coffee.
It is ready for you when you pick up life jackets and paddles and return when you have finished paddling.

Book the time that suits you: