Canoe rental

A couple of hundred meters from the farm is Stora Björsjön and it is just right for a reasonably adventurous excursion with one of our eight Canadians. You get two paddles, two life jackets and some good advice if desired.

If you want us to fix coffee for you, you can choose it when booking.
Price: SEK 95 / adult, SEK 55 / child.

This means that we pack a backpack that contains;
coffee / tea in thermos, drink, sandwich (cheese / ham, vegetables), cake for coffee.
It is ready for you when you pick up life jackets and paddles and return when you have finished paddling.

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Foto: Roger Borgelid

Björsjöås Wilderness

The terms refer to professional rental to a consumer, company or organization and cover all the lessor’s products.

Right of public access
In Vättlefjälls nature reserve, special rules apply when you are staying in forest and land. You can read more about this
Large loons nest in the large bear lake and this means that you are not allowed to land on the western islands between 15 April and 31 July.

Ordering is binding on both parties when booking and payment has been made and the landlord has confirmed the tenant’s order. Cancellation is possible according to the conditions stated on the landlord’s booking page.

Canoe use
The canoe may be used within Vättlefjälls nature reserve unless otherwise agreed. The lessee may not rent out the canoe to another except as stated in clause 5 regarding the transfer of a contract.

The landlord has the right to request from the tenant that the entire rent must be paid before the start of the rental period. If the rent is not paid on time, the landlord has the right to charge interest on arrears in accordance with the Swedish Interest Act. The landlord has the right to terminate the agreement if the tenant has not paid in advance. The tenant is then liable for compensation with the entire amount unless the canoe is rented out to another customer.

Transfer of contract
The tenant always has the right, instead of cancellation, to transfer the lease to another person unless the landlord has good reason to refuse to accept it as a tenant. The original tenant is thus free from all obligations to the landlord.

Canoe condition and equipment
It is the landlord’s responsibility to deliver the agreed canoe at seaworthy and functional condition at the beginning of the rental period and to be provided with the necessary safety equipment and ordered extra equipment.

Delayed or incorrect delivery
If the lessor does not provide the canoe in contractual condition and with agreed equipment at the time agreed, the lessee is entitled to such compensation of the rent as corresponds to the delay. If correction does not take place within 3 hours from the agreed time, the tenant has the right to terminate the agreement. However, cancellation may not take place if the error is only of minor importance to the tenant or if the landlord provides other equivalent canoe or equipment within 3 hours from the agreed time. The landlord is obliged to give the tenant reasonable compensation for the damage he has suffered through delay, except when the landlord can show that the delay is not due to negligence on his part. The same applies if the agreement is terminated.

Measures in case of fault, damage and loss
The tenant is fully responsible for rented material and is obliged to compensate for loss or damage to the rented material that arises during the rental period. It is the tenant’s responsibility to take care of any insurance for the lost material.

The tenant’s responsibility for errors, damage and loss
The lessee is fully responsible for rented material and is obliged to compensate for loss or damage to material that arises during the rental period

Landlord’s liability in case of fault, damage and loss
If an error, damage or loss of a canoe or accessory has occurred during the rental period, and the tenant is not liable under paragraph 9, the tenant has the right to terminate the agreement or request such a reduction of the rent that corresponds to the fault, damage or loss is of little importance to the tenant or if the lessor leaves the equivalent replacement canoe or repairs the canoe the day after notification of the incident.

Return at the end of the rental period etc.
At the end of the rental period, the tenant must return the canoe to the place where it was picked up. The canoe must be left well-cleaned and in the same condition as when picked up, apart from normal wear and tear. The lessor and the lessee shall, if possible, jointly inspect the canoe. If the lessee is unable to return the canoe within the agreed time, he must immediately notify the lessor. If the lessor does not allow the rental period to be extended or the canoe to be returned to a place other than what has been agreed, rent is paid according to the applicable late fee. If the tenant has abandoned the canoe, the landlord is obliged to have the canoe disposed of as soon as possible in order to reduce damage. In such a case, the lessee is obliged to reimburse the lessor the costs that were necessary to restore the canoe to such a place where it can be used again by the lessor.

Disputes concerning the interpretation or application of these terms and conditions shall be sought by the parties in the first instance by agreement. If the parties cannot agree, the dispute can be tried by the General Complaints Board, insofar as the matter is of a nature to be dealt with by the board or by a general court (district court).
The lessor is a limited liability company and is VAT registered, which means that all prices include VAT.