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Main House

On the upper floor there are 3 rooms .Ingeborg, Sundborn och Salen. In total 14 beds.


Ingeborg is namned after Ingeborg Lindström, Mrs ”Ingenjörskan”.
She and her husband were the last inhabitans living at the farm.
The room has a dubble bed and are design according to the 40’s and  a´la Art Nouveau.


Sundborn is a room insired by home of the famous artist Carl Larsson.  The is infact 3 rooms without doors between the main room and th two smal side rooms. ”Kattvindar” in Swedish. The main room has two single beds and the two side rooms one sigle bed each. ”Kattvind” is the space where the slope of the roof makes it impossible to have normal ceiling . There is a baffle between the room  and the ”kattvind”.


Salen remains of the time when it was housted by Angereds  shool and the 8 sleeping places are in 4 bunk beds.

Utside the three sleeping rooms there is a little common area with a table and an armchair.

All beds have duvet , bed linen and a towel.

To reach the upper floor you have to be able to claim stairs.

In the ground floor there are a kitchen, a lounge, glass veranda, and in the entré hall a toilet and a shower.
The facilities in the entré hall are shared with the guests in the cabins.
Thr door between the kitchen and the entré hall is looked.

In the kitchen you can use part in the fridge and the freezer. There are also micro wave, owen, water boiler och coffee maker as well as  cutlery, glass, china and household utensils.

In the lounge there are chairs and tables where you can sit and eat. The  glass verandan has a table where 7-10 persons can sit


The cabins have 4 beds (2 bunk beds) and a refrigerator, coffe maker, water boiler koking plate and household utensils for four persons.
On the smal terrass utside the cabin there are 4 chairs and a table.
Guests in the cabins  also can use ”Torget”,  the common outdoor place with  seats covered by roof and a grill.
Shower and toilets in the main house.

In all beds there are a duvet and a pillow.
N.B. you bring your own bed clothing(sheet + pillow-case) and a towel.


Caravan and tent area

In the Farm yard there are a no of caravan / tent areas.
You can choose with or without electricity.
No depletion of Blackwater (Latrine)
Toilet(Baja-Maja) ,shower and outdoor kitchen at the farm yard.

Toilet and shower in the main house are importantly for the guests in the mainhouse and the cabins.

The Sauna

The Sauna and it´s terrass has space for at least 10 persons and are wood-fired.
At the sauna there are  austere  dressing room and a cold water shower.

Hot water shower and toilet in the adjacent main house.
You bring your own wood or by it at the farm.


Camping in the Wilderness

lamm mobil

In the farm land close to Björsjöås farm there are spaces for wilderness camping.
You select the ground where you want to put up the tent yourself.
If you are lucky you might be visited by the animals or some of the forrest birds.
Toilet(Baja-Maja) ,shower and outdoor kitchen at the farm yard..

Camping “Extra All”

You don´t need to bring air mattress, bed linnen or cooking utensils, because all you need are included and wait for you to arrive.
Find a silence, relax and enjoy the birds chirp and just breeth.
The tent is in the middle of th blue berry forrest, a short walk through the sheep farm land some hundred meters from Björsjöås farm.
It is a complete equiped  camping tent for two adult persons.
The tent is located on a wooden deck and the deck is covered with handmade rag carpets.
The mattress beds are placed as two single beds, but if you want we make it a dubble bed.
Toilet and shower in the main house

This is included:
Spare Blankets
2 moveable electric lamps
Table and chairson the wooden deck
Murika with grill tools and wood
Grill waffle iron
Trianga kitchen with utensils
Thermos, water can
Dish span with utensils
Freeze dried Coffee/tea and sugar
Attached  clothes lines and pegs

Rowboat and Canoes

In the lake Stora Björsjön some hundred meters from Björsjöås gård we have our canoes.
we have life jackets for adult and children to loan when you rent a canoe. If you want an extra sitting board for a third person you can rent one.

If you are intrested of fishing we also have a rowboat in the lake Stora Björsjön.
All you need to know about Fishing Fiske i Gula kortet Göteborg

Fixed orienteering posts

I the area around Stora Björsjön there are 30 fixed orienteering posts.

Half of those are suitable for kanoe orienteering.