The guest’s responsibilities


To book/conclude an agreement with us regarding accommodation, the guest must be 18 years old. All staying guests must be aged 18 or over to stay. The age limit does NOT refer to children accompanied by a guardian. For organized groups and travel companies with leaders, exceptions from the above rules can be made by agreement with us.

The guest is also required to ensure that:

  • Follow the rules of procedure, instructions and regulations issued regarding accommodation and the other products covered by the event.

  • The guest is responsible for all costs in the event of damage to equipment or the property due to carelessness or negligence.

  • Violations of provisions on smoking bans entail a cleaning cost from SEK 6,000.

  • The guest may not use the accommodation for anything other than what was agreed at the time of booking.

  • The guest may also not let more people stay overnight in the accommodation than what has been agreed

  • The guest may not let anyone else set up a tent / caravan / motorhome or similar if this is not agreed with us.

  • If final cleaning has not been booked, the guest must clean the accommodation before departure in accordance with the announced cleaning instructions. If this is not observed, we will charge a fee of 1500 SEK, depending on the extent of the cleaning.

  • All keys to the accommodation must be returned after the stay, lost key will be charged a fee of 2000 SEK for lock change.

    The guest can order final cleaning before arrival. An ordered cleaning does not include coarse cleaning inside and out, washing or emptying garbage / empty bottles.

    We have the right to terminate the rental agreement with immediate effect if the guest or someone in his company violates announced rules of procedure, acts disruptively and / or commits damage to the accommodation or its immediate area or if the accommodation is used for other than intended purposes. In cases where the agreement is terminated, the guest and his company must immediately move out of the accommodation without a refund of the rental amount.

    In the event of any immediate termination of the agreement due to the above reasons, we charge the tenant a cost fee corresponding to the damage, however at least SEK 5,000. We also reserve the right to close the accommodation and remove the guest’s belongings in the event of immediate termination of the agreement.